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Build Your Falaj When There Is NO Rain!
By Amanda Lovett
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Almost everyone comes to time in their lives that they are working, working, and working, and feel that they’re not ever getting anywhere. Whether it be building a website, working on a project for a job, trying to make money to get out of debt or much more. In any of these scenarios, everyone that I’ve come across feels the same way. The struggles that we go through seem really hard, like you’re never going to get anywhere. I was at a point. The point, where I was thinking, OK, I’m doing everything I can, I am getting all the task at hand finished, but still not achieving the goal that I want to reach.

As my husband and I set out on a mini vacation, driving around through the mountains of Oman, I realized one thing. In the older cities of Oman, they still build falajes. If you unfamiliar with a falaj, it is a generally a concrete irrigation system of water channels. They are typically seen around date palm farms or other crops that they might have. This system of irrigation dates back 5000 years originally from Persia. The water source typically is rain, and is often pumped into the water channels from a storage reserve flowing by gravity down to the crop.

The one falaj that made me tell my husband to stop the car and pull over started at the base of a mountain and it didn’t have any water running at the time. In Oman, it is desert climate and rains very seldom leaving the land extremely dry. The reason that I had him pull over, is I felt as though that God was talking to me by showing me this falaj. You see, Omani's don’t build a falaj and think it’s going to rain every day. They work and build that falaj, so then when it does rain it fills those reserves and the crops are plentiful.

As I was thinking about how many projects that I thought were coming to dead ends or just simply did not work, I soon realized that I was actually just laying the ground work for my falaj. When you come to this point in your journey of life, remember that you are laying parts of that concrete down, that foundation for things that are yet to come. This moment uplifted my spirts, because I realize then, that I didn’t need to worry about why things, or the rains, weren’t coming. All I needed to do was make sure that I kept working, so that when the rain did come, I was prepared to receive and use what God was going to give.
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