Drawing: Basics to Advanced Levels
Drawing Because I'm Blessed!
By: Amanda Lovett
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I’ve always had a passion for drawing even when I was a little girl. Drawing to me is a form of art that takes you away from the everyday environment you’re currently in mentally and places you in a world of freedom. In this world, you have the ability to create and express or even say things that you might not say out loud, all which can be said on paper. No, I’m not talking about writing actual words, but I am talking about the freedom of expression in other forms. Perhaps one might use a curved line as a way to show anger or a curve line as a way to express the flow of emotion and movement.

When you are drawing with graphite or even colored pencils, you can choose anything from the amount of pressure you apply, to express the force that you feel, to the viewer. In the viewers eyes, a drawing can stimulate the brain to interpret the way it sees motion from the gestural lines or in the cast shadows. Colors can also be used, for example, we’ve always used red for fire or anger, blue for ocean or sky maybe even soft or cold feelings.

The creator chooses how to express themselves in their own form of art. Artists know when to influence the mind of the viewer by swift strokes of a hand or a gentle touch of a finger to smudge graphite or charcoal lightly onto the paper. When you are the owner of the page, you are able to show your feelings without words or even making a sound. The ability to master these details, allows one to enhance a piece and make a profound statement. Some artists suggest the phrase “putting your soul into it.”

When I was a child, I developed a love for drawing, some refer to it as a talent, but I consider it a gift from God. I wanted to use that gift to pursue a career and although I do not draw every day I do find it very rewarding just to sit in a coffee shop and brush up on my linear perspective by using a contour line drawing style. Enjoying sketching the surroundings of my environment, whether it’s just the espresso machinery, an interesting coffee pot, tea kettle, or the decor. of the shop, I am able to feel peace within.

Another bonus of drawing is that it can strengthen your eyes ability for distinguishing subtle differences or chiaroscuro on an object.  What I am referring to, is the ability to quickly look at, for instance, an inanimate object in detail by separating the lights and darks, contrast, which helps you to understand the proportion or dimensions of the object.

While you are improving your drawing skills you are also working on self improvement and relaxation. If you learn to increase your ability to focus on just one object, while the rest of the world is busy moving in your environment, you stand a chance to lessen anxiety and decrease stress. Did you know, drawing is similar to meditation, yoga and mindfulness? Well, technically mindfulness and drawing go hand-in-hand. By drawing or sketching your surroundings you are being mindful and trying to view the world for what it is, not allowing day-to-day tasks get in the way of seeing objects and finding their beauty.

I do hope that I have inspired you to find that favorite place: coffee shop, book store, park bench, blanket on the beach, wherever it is, just draw. You don't have to be great, just have fun. If this post inspired you, please let me know, and send me a picture of your drawing and I will make a fun page for all of the drawings that I receive. Send them to Amanda@acreativecake.com in the subject line: Drawing because I'm Blessed!
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